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Paris Souvenirs: Where to Buy French Souvenirs

  • March 5, 2019
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Paris Souvenirs: Where to Buy French Souvenirs

One of my favorites cities in the world is Paris–of course! How could you not love the food, the art, the culture, and the amazing sites like the Eiffel Tower? People ask me all the time where to buy souvenirs in Paris, and you might be surprised by my answer. The best place to buy Paris souvenir and French souvenirs is not an expensive shop, but one that has a variety of affordable items to bring home.

The best place to buy Paris souvenirs? Monoprix.

Monoprix? What is that? Well, it’s sort of like a French Target, and in my opinion it’s the perfect place to buy the best French souvenirs.

During my many trips to Paris and when I studied abroad there in college, Monoprix has expanded to become a catch-all grocery store, quick lunch place, fresh bakery, and a place where you can purchase home goods and clothing. In my opinion it’s one of the best places to buy souvenirs in Paris for everyone you know (and yourself, natch).

Monoprix is also an affordable option for picking up Paris souvenirs because all of the prices are marked and fixed. You pay the same price as the locals pay. I hate that feeling of bartering with street vendors and feeling ripped off.

At least at Monoprix you know you’re getting the fair and local price. And all of the packaging is written in French, so it’s très chic, mon amis. Everyone will love the Paris gifts you get them–I promise!

And whether you’re only traveling in Paris or elsewhere in France, there will be Monoprix shops all over the country for your shopping pleasure.

This article is going to read like a love letter to Monoprix but I want you guys to know the best places to bring home souvenirs from France. So let’s dig into some of the best Paris souvenirs you can pick up at Monoprix!

Pro tip: Pick up a frequent buyer card at the customer service desk before you start shopping. You’ll have access to member-only discounts!

Paris Souvenirs and French Souvenirs: What to Buy in Paris from Monoprix

Honey or Jam from Paris Make the Best Paris Souvenirs

I love the options of organic honey and the little tins of jam pictured below for a Parisian souvenir from Monoprix.

Small jars of French honey or jams would make for a perfect Paris souvenir. Just wrap some ribbon around the lid and you have a perfect gift to give!

The five-pack of Bonne Maman jams is especially wonderful because you can give the whole set as a gift or break it up into many small gifts.

I bought a few of them and ended up using the jars of jam for summer picnics and outdoor concerts. They are the perfect size for just a serving or two of jam!

Make sure to wrap these up with your packed clothes to protect the glass jars in transit.

Paris Souvenirs and French Souvenirs honey and jam

French honey and jam make a great gift.

Cheese from Monoprix: Paris Souvenirs

One of my favorite things to do in Monoprix is to simply browse the cheese coolers to pick out a few selections to snack on by the Seine or bring back to the hotel for a snack.

Cheese is one of the best gifts from Paris, by far!

Monoprix has a great selection of French cheeses from soft to hard, and luckily, you’re allowed to bring it back into the USA! Bonjour Paris has an awesome article on what is and is not allowed to be brought into the country, if you’re wondering which cheeses are ok to bring in.

Pro tip: While you’re in Monoprix, pick up a cooler bag and a re-usable freezer pack so your cheese stays cool in transit.

Paris Souvenirs and French Souvenirs cheese

French cheese is a great souvenir from Paris.

Beauty Products: Paris Souvenirs

Monoprix is such an awesome place to buy beauty products in Paris. With the member card, you can often access exclusive sales and discounts.

I always pick up some bottles of Nuxe oil, lip balms, face wash, creams, soaps, and anything that looks new and “fancy.”

If you have a friend who loves trying new skincare products, pick up a few items at Monoprix. You’ll pay so much less than at a boutique store and they will love their unique souvenirs from Paris!

Paris Souvenirs and French Souvenirs Beauty products

Beauty products and skincare products make for fun French souvenirs.

Clothes for men, women, and children are some of the best Paris souvenirs

Do you have a baby?

Do you know a baby?

What about a mom, dad, sister, brother, or other sort of human?

Monoprix has a great selection of clothes for all ages, and I think it’s super cool to bring back things like baby clothes or blankets, a cool top, a scarf, or an umbrella as a souvenir from Paris. Fun clothes are one of the best gifts from Paris that I can think of!

Clothes here are pretty affordable, and they make some items, like t-shirts, from organic cotton.

Paris Souvenirs and French Souvenirs clothes

Paris Souvenirs and French Souvenirs clothes for men, women, and kids.

Wine: Paris Souvenirs

Monoprix has a great selection of wines and sparkling wines. Most are from France, but they also have an international selection.

Perfect to go with your cheese souvenirs as one of the best gifts from Paris!

Pick out a few bottles to bring home. Just make sure to properly wrap them in your luggage or else your clothes will be forever wine-stained.

Paris Souvenirs and French Souvenirs wine

Bring home some wine from Paris!

Candy and cookies: Paris Souvenirs

Who doesn’t like candy or a French cookie?

I think grabbing a few bags of French candy is the perfect gift for the office, coworkers, or kids.

Their candy packaging is just different enough to make it seem like a fun gift, and it’s under 1 Euro for the basic candy, and a few Euros for something “classier.”

I always love picking up a few bags of candy and several boxes of cookies for friends as Paris souvenirs.

Paris Souvenirs and French Souvenirs candy

Bring home some candy or cookies from Paris

Pastries: Paris Souvenirs

Larger Monoprix often have a bakery or baked goods section on site, and it’s a great place to pick up freshly prepared pastries.

And I am telling you, they are just as yummy as fancier bakeries. And the pastries are cheaper than specialty bakeries, too!

My husband was not super impressed when I told him we were going to get chocolate croissants at the “place that’s like Target but it’s French.” But after we picked up the croissants for half as much as a bakery and they were still flaky and delicious, he was on board.

So pick up a plastic Tupperware or tin while you’re shopping at Monoprix and fill it with as many croissants or bakery items as you can. Pack it in your carry on and you’ll arrive home with fresh and authentic French pastries; one of the best souvenirs from Paris!

Paris Souvenirs and French Souvenirs pastries

Monoprix also sells amazing pastries.


In conclusion


Was this a psychotic love poem to Monoprix or was it a cool/helpful suggestion about the best places to buy French souvenirs? I hope the latter!

Leave a comment below with the places you like to pick up the best Paris souvenirs.

And please share this article with anyone looking for cool gift ideas in Paris and souvenirs from Paris!


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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, March 5, 2019
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