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How to prepare for hip surgery to fix my hip labral tear

  • April 16, 2018
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
How to prepare for hip surgery to fix my hip labral tear

Prepare for hip surgery for a hip labral tear: my hip labral tear surgery recovery blog

I had a hip labral tear surgery for a hip labral tear in April 2018. I stressed out so much in advance of the surgery (and afterwards, too). I put a lot of thought into the preparation for the surgery, so I wrote down a few items for you that I found useful to prepare for hip surgery recovery.

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April 15, 2018

Tomorrow is my first surgery at MGH, and I am both looking forward to it and dreading it. I have to be at the surgical center at 5:50am, which means a 4:30am wake up call (ouch!!!!)

To prepare for hip surgery, I’ve tried to compile a list of everything I might need. Here’s a short rundown of everything I’ve prepped in advance of my hip labral tear surgery. I tried to do a lot since Ken and my mom will have to literally have to do everything else for me for the next few weeks.

**Updated 3 weeks after surgery to let you know which items are worth the buy!**

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. The opinions expressed here are our own. Check out the disclosures for more details. Read on!

1. Raised toilet seat

I’ve heard that I can’t really get my legs to 90 degrees for a while, so hopefully this raised toilet seat will help make things easier the first few weeks after surgery.

**Updated 3 weeks post op: This is a must-have. It makes your life so much easier after hip labral tear surgery. I never realized how low regular toilets are! This also makes putting on pants a lot easier since being up higher causes less pain when trying to do things around your feet like pants and socks. My hip labral tear surgery recovery blog post wouldn’t be complete without this seat raiser!

2. Sleep mask

I’ll be sleeping in our living room for the first few days to avoid stairs, and it can get pretty bright. I found this pretty silk sleep mask I am excited to try!

**Updated 3 weeks post op: This silk sleep mask is worth it if you’re sleeping in a bright room!

3. Popscicles

Ken picked up some organic popscicles from Whole Foods for me to eat after my arthroscopic hip surgery. I know I will be dehydrated and nauseous after the surgery, so these will be a huge help!

**Updated 3 weeks post op: I was sooooo thirsty and dehydrated for 2-3 days after surgery. I chugged tons of water, Gatorade, and popscicles. Staying hydrated after hip surgery surgery was a must, and eating didn’t feel like an option right away since I was so dry.

4. Crutch covers

I am supposed to be on crutches for 6 weeks, so I also added these cute crutch covers to my cart. Hopefully they will help with some of the bruising under my arms I had last time I used crutches.

**Updated 3 weeks post op: love these teal crutch covers! They are so soft and help the crutch tops not dig into my sides. Plus they match my shoes, so I look super sleek crutching around (in my own mind).

5. Pad for chairs

I also picked up this memory foam seat cushion to make riding in a car or sitting more comfortable. I figured a little extra padding can’t hurt, right? I liked how this one has room for your tailbone to chillax.

**Updated 3 weeks post op: Also a great buy. I find that when I sit, my hip feels ok, but the muscles in my bum get really tight. This pad is also really helpful for hard chairs like at restaurants.


You aren’t supposed to shower for 3 days after surgery, so how the h are you supposed to stay clean?! WIPES. For your bum and face. Get into it.

**Updated 3 weeks post op: I was able to wash my face just fine, so I didn’t use too many face wipes. But the other wipes were great since you can’t shower for several days following surgery.

7. Bandaids

I am also supposed to keep my incisions dry while showering, so I picked up a variety of Band Aids and other random items. I’ve been super interested in the healing properties of Manuka honey, and was excited to find these special bandaids!

**Updated 3 weeks post op: I bought too many bandaids! Oh well – I still have to get the hip labral tear surgery done on my left side so they will get used. I just started using the Manuka honey cream a few days ago and really notice it’s keeping the incisions soft. I am a big fan of Manuka honey for its healing properties and wanted to share these bandaids on my hip labral tear surgery recovery blog.

**Update as of May 2020–the Manuka bandages are sold out online! You can use a Manuka cream like the one linked here and below.

8. A grabber

Other people who have a hip labral tear surgery recovery blog have said these little grabbers are invaluable for picking up things you drop. We already had one at the house, but this one looks pretty sturdy.

**Updated 3 weeks post op: I didn’t use this at all, actually.

9. Slip on shoes like Oofos sneakers

I won’t be tying shoes any time soon, but I wanted to pick up a lightweight shoe that could slip on with comfort. These Oofos shoes are made with shock absorbent foam, which is perfect for recovering from hip surgery. Slip on shoes are going to be best so I don’t have to bend over to tie shoes, too.

**Updated 3 weeks post op: Definitely buy easy slip on shoes! These Oofos sneakers are so easy to take on and off, especially if you have a long shoe horn. They provide a lot of support and are really lightweight, which is great when your leg feels so heavy after surgery and your hip flexor is weak. They also absorb shock really well and make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

Oofos sneakers Oofos shoes

10. A tall chair

A tall chair or drafting chair will come in super handy for sitting down and getting up from a higher place than a regular chair. Just make sure if you buy one with rollers, so make sure it’s stable each time you get up and down. Or place a rug underneath it to help with the stability of it.

Wash everything and try not to panic

I’ve done tons and tons of laundry and picked up the house since I won’t be able to do that for a while. We scooped the cat box, took out the trash, prepped the fridge and freezer, cleaned the bathrooms, and made sure we are as ready as possible.

Now to set the alarm and wait for the surgery!!

I hope this list helps you prepare for hip surgery, too!

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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, April 16, 2018
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